Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Maps!

Visual food for thought:Who eats the most meat per capita? via GOOD magazine.

The contiguous United States visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald's. See it larger here.

Thanks Urban Cartography, you are great.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SFBU's First Potluck and Meeting for the Fall!

Thanks to everyone who came to SFBU's first potluck of the semester and made last night a success!

Slow Foodies gathered on the Esplanade Dock by the Charles River and enjoyed a fabulous meal with some great conversation and a beautiful view. Tasty treats included an amazing egg casserole, chicken tikka masala, vegan pumpkin cookies, and much more!

Look forward to our next meeting on Tuesday night, September 22. Specific location and time, TBA!

On another note, join our friends from the Boston Localvores at their Local Pickle Tasting at The Growing Center in Somerville on Thursday! For more details look at the event on Facebook or see SFBU's calendar on the right.

And if pickling on Thursday isn't enough for you, head over to JP on Friday from 7 - 9 pm for the workshop "Preserving the Bounty of the Harvest" with Ana Micka, author and publisher of the Fresh Girl’s Guide to Easy Canning DVD and guidebook. More details about the event here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sustainability Dinner

Last Tuesday, the officers of SFBU attended a Sustainability Dinner with The Director of Sustainability at BU, Dennis Carlberg. It was in StuVii 2- the new residence hall, which is unbelievably nice and fancier than many hotels we've been in! The dinner was up on the 26th floor and just check out the view!!!

It was a gathering for the student groups and administration to talk about what BU is doing sustainably and where there was still room for improvements. All while eating a Zero Waste, locally grown meal!

Love Food Hate Waste!

Kelly Dunn, our favorite Sustainable Dining Coordinator, did a presentation working to reduce food waste at BU.

SFBU has worked with Kelly on ideas for making dining services more sustainable, and she is very receptive to our suggestions.

Ok, time to turn off the computer!


Slow Food BU represented at SPLASH! at BU last week.

Kate and Annabelle signin kiddies up!

SPLASH! happens every fall, to introduce all the freshman to Clubs and Activities on Campus. We were part of the "Green Section," where all the clubs dedicated to sustainability were congregated.

Next to our friends the Organic Gardening Collective

Dory and Elizabeth sharing some words of wisdom : Ride it like you stole it and Eat more Kale

We met a lot of fun people and Spread the Word:

Hello BU!