Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SFBU Mission Statement

At its core, Slow Food BU is a gathering of food lovers who want to share good food and who care about how that food reaches our plates. Slow Food BU aims to increase awareness on campus about issues related to foodways, including environmental sustainability, biodiversity, local economic development, health, fair trade, workers' rights, and cultural traditions. As a student convivium, we want to improve the quality and sustainability of the foods in our dining halls and in our communities. To us, food is a means of establishing connections with each other, of sharing our values, and of positively impacting the world we live in.

Our initiatives include:

Working with BU Dining Services to improve the quality and sourcing practices of our campus food system. This includes buying local, organic, and fair trade products; ensuring transparency and accountability in purchasing, distribution and preparation; minimizing the environmental impact of the food chain; and creating loyal, direct relationships with the people who provide us with our food.

Raising awareness on campus about the realities of our food system: how so many pressing issues of the modern world converge upon foodways, and how food can be a lever for major change.

Enjoying food with each other by sharing meals, organizing events such as taste workshops and film screenings, taking field trips to farms and food producers, and engaging in other fun food-related activities.

Getting involved in our surrounding communities, especially with school gardens and school lunch programs, as well as with hunger relief programs.

Building a "knowledge bank" to ensure that Slow Food BU continues to flourish as membership changes.

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