Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diesel Café

After six days straight of working, I finally had a day off. Marcus and I had a hike scheduled but unfortunately the heat wave held us back. Instead we went down to Davis Square in Somerville and had a leisure lunch at the Diesel Café. The environment is hip, friendly and fun. There are antique automotive signs and car memorabilia on the walls along with paintings from local artists. There is a lot of seating but it is always crowded. It is a good idea to have someone from your party search for a table while someone else waits in line.
The best part about Diesel Café is that they are a green café. You will not find any trash bins, but instead will find bus bins that are sorted into compost and recycle bins at the end of the night. They also make an effort to buy their ingredients and supplies as local as possible.

Most importantly, the food and coffee are delicious. The menu is perfect for a trendy café in Somerville. They offer a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free items that definitely do not skimp on taste. The menu mainly consists of sandwiches and salads that are anything but ordinary. However, if you are a picky eater and don’t enjoy trying new things, this may not be the place for you.

Marcus ordered The Little Piston; fresh mozzarella, pesto, onion and tomato on a baguette.
Crisp and fresh!
They even give you a few spoonfuls of pasta salad on the side.

I ordered The Bow; salmon, sun-dried tomato ricotta, onion and baby spinach on brioche. I love traditional salmon and lox but this was definitely a much interesting and more flavorful twist.

The brioche was crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside and the smoked salmon was to die for. The ricotta is my favorite part of the sandwich. The sun-dried tomato ricotta was creamy, rich and paired perfectly with the smoked salmon.

They also offer scrumptious baked goods
My vegan chocolate chip cookie was good but I would have enjoyed it a bit sweeter.
Marcus loved his shortbread dark chocolate cookie.

The cafe is a very short drive from my house and I thought that I had found my new hot spot to work on my blog and papers. But I was very disappointed to find out that Wi-Fi is not free. You must pay a monthly membership fee. This was the only down side to the cafe.

I recommend the Diesel Cafe with 4 stars.
Relaxed yet fun atmosphere, delicious food with wonderful options and a neighborhood with lots to do after lunch!

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