Monday, November 29, 2010

Mozzarella Demonstration

Mozzarella Making with Fiore Di Nonno

On Wednesday November 10th Slow Foodies gathered in the Myles Dining Hall kitchen to watch Lourdes Smith, owner of Fiore Di Nonno Mozzare
lla, make mozzarella by hand. Lourdes talked about her family's history of mozzarrella-making, especially her grandfather. She also discussed the importance of using the fresh, local milk, which she buys from Shy Brother's Farm in Westport, MA.

Lourdes makes her mozzarella by hand in small b
atches using a wooden paddle. This is rare, even in Italy, because of government restriction on the use of wood in food production.

After slowly heating the curd with boiling water, Lourdes had prepared enough fresh mozzarella for everyone to try.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, especially Lourdes for a great demo and delicious mozzarella! Also, thank you Joyce Chan for the pictures!

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Barbara said...

She makes it look so easy, yet she's a miracle worker. If you have some mozz she's done by hand next to machine-made mozz, there's just no comparison.