Saturday, November 1, 2008

Terra Madre 2008!

A few past and present members of Slow Food BU recently returned from Terra Madre, the world meeting of food communities, in Turin, Italy. Terra Madre brought together farmers, breeders, beekeepers, fisherpeople, chefs, academics, and students to expand the current dialogue about the centrality of food in our modern economy. More than 6,000 delegates came to the table, including 700 students and young farmers working to cultivate the growing international youth food movement. Click below to listen in on a breakout session. Topics include access to local, organic food, the nature of the Slow Food movement, and new opportunities to keep the flow of knowledge moving:

Terra Madre 2008/ reception day from Frank Corsten on Vimeo.

To add your voice to the mix, visit the Youth Food Movement website or join the Facebook group. There are more videos from Terra Madre posted there, as well as information from the network of incredible delegates, their projects, strategies, and plans for the future of food.

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