Friday, January 25, 2008

Michael Pollan Fan Club

Calling all Slow Foodies!

Michael Pollan

award-winning author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma

Thursday, February 21, at 6:00pm (Brown University, Salomon Center):

"In Defense of Food: The Omnivore's Solution"

What should we eat? is a question most people for most of history have
had little trouble answering. You ate what tradition (aka your mother)
and nature dictated. Now, we have something called "nutritionism," an
ideology promoted by science, the food industry, government and the
media that has hopelessly confused the issue and done nothing for our
health, except to make it worse. Pollan traces the rise and triumph of
nutritionism and the Western Diet, before proposing an alternative
approach to eating that promises to improve both our health and the
health of the environment. A book signing will follow.

Location: Salomon Center is located on Brown University's main College
Green; accessible via the Waterman Street gates and the George Street

A campus map is available online:

For more information:

Michael Pollan:
Brown's Committee on Science and Technology Studies:


Check out the NYT article that led to the book, and the Gourmet interview.

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