Wednesday, December 12, 2007

End of semester...

Ooh la la, a feast! The French Cultural Society / Slow Food BU potluck on Dec. 4th was très bien. So was yesterday's Food Bazaar-- we got the word out about Slow Food and made a few bucks serving up your works of culinary art. Thanks to all who participated!

Now that finals are upon us, we're wrapping things up for the semester. Hard to believe that Slow Food BU has only existed for two and a half months, considering everything we've done so far. There's lots more to come in the spring, so stay tuned...

If you'd like to keep up with slowfoody things over winter break, here are some ideas:
  • Cook/eat something new. Find out what's local to your hometown/region, check out a restaurant or food shop you've never been to, experiment with new cuisines, and tell us about it when you get back.
  • Share meals with family and friends. Relish in the fact that you don't have to eat in the dining hall.
  • Ditch the traditional eggnog and dip into some more creative nogs.
  • Post your ideas in the comments section!

Enjoy the holidays and happy fooding!!

Best wishes for a delicious break,

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